Following an initial meeting or conference call to advise on the property market in Nairobi and understand a Client's budgets, timelines, and preferences, we commence sourcing suitable properties.

Karibuni enjoys good working relationships with all the leading Real Estate agencies in Nairobi, and with a multitude of informal Property Agents who abound in the rental sector. So once an Assignee's needs are established we circulate his or her requirements.

Our role, and high-end client base, is also known to a growing number of Landlords, who approach us directly when their developments are ready for letting, or when an existing tenancy is coming up for renewal.

The demand for quality rental properties in Nairobi currently far exceeds supply, so good houses do not stay on the market. For this reason, in order not to waste the Assignee's time, a homefind is only started once an Assignee is in a position to commit to a lease start date. This generally entails having a Work Permit, and if furniture and personal effects are being shipped, a KRA PIN, which is necessary for clearance at the port or container terminal.

Once the Assignee is in a position to give the go ahead, Karibuni completes sourcing, and accompanies him/her on a series of visits to selected properties.

The service also includes assistance with lease negotiation, and a Walk Through inspection of the property on handover.