Look See Visit

The "Look See Visit" is designed for the expatriate who visits Nairobi before starting his or her assignment.

The service commences with a comprehensive briefing meeting, usually in the Assignee's hotel, during which we explain how Nairobi came about, its demographics, what happens where in the city, the property market, the school locations and the residential suburbs preferred by expatriates. The Assignee is given a map of Nairobi to assist in this orientation, which also comes in handy for marking up the places of interest that are encountered during the Orientation Tour.

The Orientation Tour itself is conducted in a Karibuni vehicle driven by one of our Relocation Consultants. In addition to covering the two Business Districts, the Hospitals, the preferred Residential Areas, the Shopping Centres and Markets, the Gyms and Sports Clubs, and the Entertainment Centres - visits are made to representative housing.

Two days should be set aside to fully cover the issues. If assistance with schooling is envisaged, a third day would be necessary.